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We at Perfect Dental Clinic offers different kinds of braces to suit the orthodontic needs of all patients.

Labial Braces

Labial braces are the most common and widely used braces in orthodontics where the brackets are placed on the outer surfaces of the teeth.

There are several types of labial braces available:

Ceramic Braces are made from clear translucent ceramic that is designed to match the color of your teeth. They are more discreet than metal braces, and more affordable than lingual braces.



Resin Braces are less visible since it is made with a material similar to the color of your teeth. Although its transparency is lower than that of ceramic, it does not damage teeth due to the softness of the material.



Metal Braces, although they visibly stand out because of their metallic color, are most common among labial braces due to their affordable prices and easy maintenance.



Combination Braces
Partial Braces
Self-Ligating Braces