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Root Canal

Root Canal treatment is done painlessly with advanced anti-pain system at Perfect Dental Clinic

In the Past, badly infected tooth were removed or extracted. Today majority of these teeth can be salvaged by a special dental procedure called Root Canal Therapy.
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When is a Root Canal Therapy needed?
A root canal treatment is needed when a tooth's nerve and associated blood vessels are irreversibly damaged either by trauma to the tooth or because of  deep cavity. This results in infection that may lead to an abscess at the base of the tooth.

Signs and Symptom

  • Throbbing pain in the tooth
  • Swelling in jaw
  • The tooth my be painful to chew on
  • Pain on consuming hot cold foods
  • Teeth that are severely worn out
  • Fractured tooth

Your treatment may take one or more visits, where the nerve of the infected tooth is removed and the canal of roots of tooth is thoroughly cleaned and enlarged. Lastly root canals are filled with Gutta percha material. The procedure may be done under local anesthesia. X-rays are taken meanwhile to ensure that the full length of roots canals are filled. After root canal, a core filling is done and the tooth may subsequently be protected with cap or crown.